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CAP is a flexible yet very powerful application that enables you to document and easily track training requirements, training schedules and training attendance (history), re-certification, etc. for each employee in your company.

Competency-based performance has become a common concept in the business world. Competency could be defined as: "Collection of knowledge and skills that affects and correlates with job performance. It can be measured against defined standards and improved through training, if a needs analysis assessment shows a deficiency."

Knowledge and skills can be learned through training and/ or education and then utilized as on-the-job performance. The knowledge and skills that should be available are the result of data gathered from training needs assessment, which is then used to build training syllabi that clearly outline the training requirements often resulting in job descriptions.

Some of the important tasks CAP performs for you ...:

     ♦ generates reports to create training documentation necessary for regulatory compliance.
     ♦ maintains training records for all your employees or learners.
     ♦ tracks training performance
     ♦ tracks training compliance
     ♦ tracks training re-certification
     ♦ assists you in assessing training needs.
     ♦ assisst you in assessing training compliance
     ♦ assists you in assessing skills.
     ♦ runs application using any computer worldwide with Internet access.
     ♦ allows system-independent access (Apple Macintosh, IBM, Windows, etc.)
     ♦ is a very helpful tool in on-line learning and content/ training delivery
     ♦ offers integrated Audit Trail functionality
     ♦ meets CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance standards and guidelines (click: Compliance at the top)
In short: It is not only a must-have application to become or remain compliant, it also can increase the quality of training thus making employees more competent and any company more competitive.